Chinese fly to buy New York properties

The New York Times piece, "As investors, Chinese turn to New York" is quite telling. In what sounds like panic buying, only because of the swiftness of its action, a Chinese investor flies to New York on a weekend, make an offer to an apartment in...... read more

No cookie-cutter marketing stategies in China, please


In Shanghai, everywhere I turn, I am pleasantly surprised at the number of familiar American brands popping up everywhere. Outlets that I couldn’t even find in the supposedly much more ââ‚...... read more

India and Philippines top list of new American citizenship oath-takers in 2010

The federal government is running a national advertising campaign to encourage more immigrants to become U.S. citizens – and is spending for advertising in mainstream media.

The multilingual effort reportedly aims to reach ...... read more

Marketing blitz in Shanghai


It was a busy Tuesday night at a local Korean BBQ restaurant. At almost 5,000 square feet and taking up the entire floor of the complex, the place is huge. There were eight of us, sitting around three glowing cha...... read more