Apple tablet coming soon?

Would you consider buying an e-reader? Most of the people I know are allergic to it, as many people’s hue and cry is that these latest gizmos serve predominantly one function and that if it does have Internet access, it’s fairly on a limited scale. Why, people also ask, would you buy one devoted primarily to reading when you could get a netbook, which can also function as a computer?

Now, tech media is saying that Apple can prove to be the game changer, and change people’s mindset about the e-reader if Apple can come up with a hybrid of some sort: An Apple tablet that is like a bigger iPod touch, the better to showcase its many apps and iTunes, with the convenience and functionality of a tablet notebook and the ease of navigating the Internet with–hold your breath–3G.

It would be nifty if can serve as a notebook (and therefore stand on different angles) with a detachable keyboard for those who prefer to type on it.

Let’s see if the rumor mill is true by end of January.

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- by Dennis Clemente


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