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Working to Heal Communities: ADMERASIA & NextShark Connect Businesses to Donators & Volunteers

COVID-19’s impact across the nation has laid bare the cracks in every system; from healthcare and education to law enforcement and small-business. In March of 2020, the sudden escalation of xenophobic racial targeting prompted ADMERASIA to collaborate with organizations and businesses nationwide to start Racismiscontagious.com, a tool designed to aggregate & visualize & address the […]

Asian Americans Unite Against Hate with Racism is Contagious

Asian Americans Unite Against Hate with Racism is Contagious   As the COVID-19 virus spreads, Asian Americans have experienced an increase in verbal and physical assaults. Racism is Contagious, a platform that aims to centralize, unify and visualize data associated with the rise of hate and violence targeting against Asian Americans, launched on April 6th. […]


COVID-19 MONITOR: LIFE AFTER COVID The world is facing an unprecedented and challenging time. And while our heroic healthcare and essential workers are doing their part to fight the pandemic, many of us are preparing for the battle beyond. What does the future hold for business? ADMERA&IA remains committed to helping brands navigate through the […]

#HateIsContagious: Now is the Time to Stand Together

“HATE’S the most contagious and these days it’s going VIRAL”. Our friends, Year of the OX, shine a light on the discrimination and racism currently facing Asian Americans. Scared to leave their homes, not only because of the virus, but because of the onslaught of racially motivated violent attacks and harassment. Like YOX says, this is […]

Lunar New Year 2020 Rat Like You Mean It

“… Win. Win. Win. No matter what.”-DJ Khaled Sometimes the winner isn’t the fastest, strongest or biggest. To everyone that’s got the grit to make it happen this year. Go forth and prosper. The ADMERASIA Team   Original artwork by Shane Kuo ADMERASIA ILLUSTRATOR

The ADMERASIA Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide 2019

Tis the season to be spending. But for today’s tech savvy shopper and trendsetter, Amazon can be (let’s face it) a BORE. Sure, the behemoth of online shopping can offer you everything from Yodeling Pickles to pillows featuring the face of Nicholas Cage, but oftentimes it’s a shot in the dark for a good product. […]

Diving Deeper into eSports: Why Do People Play Video Games?

Odds are, you’ve probably heard about eSports by now. Video games are becoming as big as traditional sports, and whether you are for or against it, that’s the future that’s coming. Here are some of the eye-catching statistics you might have seen around: • Global eSports revenue is projected to hit $1.1 billion in 2019, […]