Five Industries Poised to Win the 2021 Holiday Shopping Season & Beyond

Having lived with the pandemic for over two years, it is safe to say COVID-19 has become the key driver for most changes happening in and around our lives. The 2021 holiday season will be different in many ways, enabling a few industries to flourish more than others. Changing consumer habits, pent-up demand, and greater adoption of online shopping are driving these industries’ right to succeed. But that does not mean all brands are winning. Only a few are successfully leveraging the new normal and creating benchmarks in consumer engagement for others to follow and learn.

ADMERASIA, in partnership with G & Co., presents trends, case studies, and opportunities for five industries* that are winning the 2021 holiday shopping season and beyond. Click here to download the report.

*At-Home Entertainment, Beauty & Personal Care, Cross-Border eCommerce, Home Décor, Luxury


Arshi Ansari
Audience Insights Manager&
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